We are hiring ! Join an exciting project on Harnessing the ubiquitin/proteasome machinery to degrade oncoproteins using nanoscopic PROTACs

PROTACs are heterodimeric compounds displaying two ligands connected through a linker. One is a ligand for a protein of interest (POI) that is to be degraded, and the other one for an ubiquitin-E3 ligase (Ub-E3). PROTACs enable the hijacking of the ubiquitin-proteasome system to degrade a protein involved in a pathological process. To be fully functional, it must allow the recruitment of POIs and Ub-E3 in a finely controlled spatial arrangement. Therefore, the design and development of PROTACs can be tedious. Our project aims at solving this bottleneck by merging the PROTAC technology with the advantages of nanoscopic objects.

Contact : anthony.martin@umontpellier.fr

6 months internship – starting janv/feb 2021.