Work environment

Our group is equipped with state of the art instruments that allow for rapid and efficient synthesis, purification and characterization of bioactive molecules. For more detailed information please see below.

LC-MS analysis is an extremely powerful analytical tool that is especially well suited for the study of peptides and derivatives. Our laboratory is equipped with 5 electrospray LC-MS one of them connected to a semi-preparative HPLC. This LC-MS ‘’abundance’’ allows for a very quick identification of final compounds and intermediates produced in the laboratory.  The IBMM institute, that we are part of, is also equipped with state of the art MALDI-TOF spectrometers which are especially useful for the study of proteins and polymers.

Our laboratory is equipped with automated Biotage™ flash chromatography platform that allows for rapid and efficient purification by normal-phase, reverse-phase or aluminum.


Our laboratory is equipped with 5 analytical HPLCs that help us to follow chemical reactions evolution and final compounds purity. We also used them for different biochemical kinetic studies.

Our team possess 3 semi-preparative and one preparative (large scale) HPLC that are used for purification of crude products ranging from 1mg to 3gr.

In order to speed up peptide synthesis we have installed two automated SEM™ peptide synthesizers.

Due to our experience with preclinical development of drugs we have equipped our laboratory with a scale-up purification and evaporation equipment.


3D printing is an emerging and successful technique in the medicinal field.  It allows the creation of prosthesis, tissue engineering, scaffolds for drug delivery and even accurate cellular models. Since 5 years ago, research using 3D printing has skyrocketed, first with the creation and improvement of 3D printer technology, then with synthesis of knew inks and materials and finally with different innovative applications.

With an extrusion based 3D printer available in the lab, we plan to diversify the applications of our synthesized hybrid peptides / products and to create new partnerships with laboratories working on 3D printing or tissue regeneration.