Danièle Noël

Director of Researc, INSERM

Danièle Noël is director of research at INSERM.

She heads the group “Biology of Mesenchymal stem cell and cartilage therapies” in the Institute of Regenerative Medicine and Biotherapies of Montpellier (IRMB). She has a recognized expertise on stem cell biology and cell therapy strategies for osteoarticular diseases, being partner of three European projects ADIPOA1, ADIPOA2 and REGENER-AR. The main objectives of her group are to develop innovative approaches of cartilage engineering based on the combination of MSC with novel scaffolds and to identify the molecular mechanisms regulating cartilage regeneration in MSC-based therapies. She has extensively published in this domain (91 original articles, 41 reviews and 3 book chapters, 3 patents).



+33 4 67 33 04 73