Macrilen (JMV 1843) – a drug developed by our group just got approved by FDA !!!


Macrilen, a revolution in the growth hormone  dose-titration !

MacrilenTM (JMV 1843), conceptualized and synthesized in IBMM, is the first orally-approved product that induces growth hormone release to evaluate adult growth hormone deficiency. It is a novel, orally active small molecule that mimics the ghrelin hormone and stimulates the secretion of growth hormone by activation of the ghrelin receptor. A single ingestion of this compound, followed by titration of growth hormone in the blood, allows the evaluation of growth hormone deficiency. It has been approved by the FDA for the diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency in adults and will be commercialized by Æterna-Zentaris in USA and Canada in 2018. It should find other applications such as treatment of cachexia and we are waiting its approval for the diagnosis in Europe.