Labex CheMISyst is funding a postdoctoral position at the University of Montpellier for a period of 18 months starting between 01.01.2018 and 30.04.2018.

The research will deal with the preparation of peptide-decorated colloidal nanostructures via polymerization induced self-assembly (PISA) and supramolecular chemistry. An important part of the research efforts will be dedicated to study the non-covalent interactions at work during the particle formation. The obtained nano-structures could find applications in the fields of material science, electro chemistry and medicinal chemistry.

The candidate should have a strong background in physical chemistry (self-assembly and non-covalent interactions, polymer physics, colloids science), as well as knowledge in polymer synthesis and characterization (SEC, NMR, DLS, TEM). Skills in AFM, SAXS and WAXS would also be welcome. A good command of English (both spoken and written) and solid experience in writing scientific articles and technical reports is also required. International candidates are highly encouraged to apply. PhD graduates from Montpellier are not eligible for this position.

The research work will be carried out in the three laboratories of the research consortium (ICGM, IBMM, IEM). The successful candidate will thus need to show flexibility, adaptability and be a strong team player.

To apply please send your full CV containing at least two references and a motivation letter to and before the closing date (30.12.2017).