Simple and Specific Grafting of Antibacterial Peptides on Silicone Catheters

Advanced Healthcare Materials 5: 3067–3073, 2016.

Pinese C, Jebors S, Echalier C, Licznar-Fajardo P, Garric X, Humblot V, Calers C, Martinez J, Mehdi A, Subra G


To fight against nosocomial infection initiated by colonization of medical devices, a strategy enabling the direct and fast functionalization of silicone surfaces is proposed. This strategy proceeds in a site-specific way using original hybrid silylated antibacterial peptides. This safe and up-scalable method guarantees a covalent and robust immobilization with the correct orientation of the bioactive moiety. Importantly it also avoids multi-step chemical modifications of the surface or multi-layer polymer coatings. As proof of concept, antibacterial silicone catheter has been prepared whose immediate and long term efficiency is superior by comparison to similar silver-embedded materials.