APAPTIDE Organic / inorganic particles for the treatment of complex wounds with high risk of infection

Funding: Carnot Chimie Balard Institute
November 2019- November 2022

Open wounds are common in all health services, from emergencies to dermatology, maxillofacial, orthopedic and plastic surgery. In the case of deep wounds, infection is a major threat to the health of the patient, especially for the most fragile subjects such as the elderly, diabetic patients, immuno-depressed or burn victims. In addition, current solutions are generally based on general antibiotic therapy, but microbial resistance is becoming a major public health problem, and alternative solutions are needed.

In this context, APAPTIDE aims to design an alternative solution to conventional dressings and systemic antibiotic treatments through the development of sub-micron peptide-apatite hybrid particles for the controlled release of active agents. Such anti-inflammatory or antibacterial agents will be associated with apatitic particles by ion doping (ex: ions Cu2 +, Zn2 +), and placed on the organic corona stabilizing apatite particles in colloidal solution. In this project and for the first time, this organic corona will be constituted by bio active peptides displaying antimicrobial, pro-angiogenic (promoting neovascularization) and wound healing properties. The innovative aspect of the project is based on the very nature of the hybrid objects.

This project is developed in collaboration between IBMM (Montpellier) and CIRIMAT (Toulouse).


Gilles Subra
Mathilde Guérin